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One of my more experimental tracks, just trying different strange techniques. Such as the "vocal" part, which is spoken, but auto-tuned to create pitches that are always in the chord structure of the song. I also experimented with my lyrics. At first glance it may appear nonsense, but there is an underlying meaning.


The bleach walls of this hallway's peeling
As I'm pushed by
And I catch reflections of me reeling
On the edge of heat,
At the top of a sewer drain,
In the shattered glass of a closed door

And the shadow chases attacking me everyday,
Won't go away,
In the shadow is physical matter and want,
And it hurts when it clings to my heel
And with every spoken taunt
I want to get away.

The sky is not so lofty
Nor the airplanes all that costly,
If I could make my getaway,
But the quickest way is down,
And the worst choice is the ground,
It's cursed and rots where it lays,

The shadow doesn't follow what my soul desires
It listens to the ground it's on
If I choose not to look back,
I can see the light,
And the fire grows higher,
Then situation dire,
Gets thrown in.


from Laboratory Experiments, released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


The Sonic Scientist Lake Orion, Michigan

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