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These tracks are the high-quality lossless audio files taken from the videos I have posted on my YouTube page:

Recorded directly from within Mainstage 2


released January 1, 2011



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The Sonic Scientist Lake Orion, Michigan

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Track Name: Seasons (HQ Live Looping Improvised Mainstage Song)
I can hear soccer teams,
Childrens playground screams,
Wiping the scales away,
From chilly winter skin,

And humans are such fragile things,
The weather changes everything,
And storms in yourself can come and go,
But the intensity is seen out the window

Winter is over,
Seasons change in everything,
With Patience weather blows over
The sun casts light on everything
Track Name: DJing In Logic
Track Name: Appalachian Airplane
{about: This song was created in about 3 hours on an airplane ride to and from Florida during my spring break. I had the melody from this piece (Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland) stuck in my head, and figured, why not give a great melody some great beats? I also interspersed samples of sounds I recorded inside the cabin of the airplane, including the crew :D}