Laboratory Experiments

by The Sonic Scientist

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released January 1, 2011



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The Sonic Scientist Lake Orion, Michigan

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Track Name: Building Blocks
Laaaaaaa laaaaaaa la la laaaaaaa
Track Name: The Older We Get, The Less Things We Love...
the older we get
the less things we love.
the magic is gone
from simplicity.

from playgrounds to toys
and imaginative things
stuffed animals
and coloring.

{about: Short, experimental. Toying around with vocoders. I was sick with a cold, but had this great little snippet of lyrics I wrote, and an itch to make some music, so I figured I could still make some music and mask my cold through auto-tune and vocoders! Conquered it :D No instruments but vocoder and voice was used in this song}
Track Name: Shadows
The bleach walls of this hallway's peeling
As I'm pushed by
And I catch reflections of me reeling
On the edge of heat,
At the top of a sewer drain,
In the shattered glass of a closed door

And the shadow chases attacking me everyday,
Won't go away,
In the shadow is physical matter and want,
And it hurts when it clings to my heel
And with every spoken taunt
I want to get away.

The sky is not so lofty
Nor the airplanes all that costly,
If I could make my getaway,
But the quickest way is down,
And the worst choice is the ground,
It's cursed and rots where it lays,

The shadow doesn't follow what my soul desires
It listens to the ground it's on
If I choose not to look back,
I can see the light,
And the fire grows higher,
Then situation dire,
Gets thrown in.
Track Name: Back When I Was Godly
There was a place,
Near the Tigris and Euphrates,
That I once lived.
And there that place was made,
Days after words created time and space

It was paradise,
It was perfect,
It was paradise,
Back when I was godly

There was a tree,
And I remember back when God walked with me,
One thing He said explicitly,
Do not eat the fruit if this tree.

That was back when the birds would nest in my hand,
Back when I had dominion over the land,
When holiness was oxygen,
That I kept breathing in until that fruit hit my hand,
A serpent told my wife we were human
But we could be like God, oh I could be like God...
oh how we fell.
Track Name: Silence - The Mind's Mirror, A Modern Fear
I lack
come back.

My mind
is in bits

i can't
stand the
sound of

I lack
come back.

Take off
your headphones
and listen to
your heart drone.

Don't start.
Please stop.
you know yourself...

{About this track: This is an ambient track that I created, using full-length samples of stereo-mic'd crickets chirping out of my back window on a humid summer night. I kept it very simple, yet complex at the same time. It took lots of time to mix and master. I also incorporated the subtle use of binaural beats to help stimulate sleep and thoughtfulness. The meaning behind this song is that basically in silence our brains aren't constantly being barraged with outside stimuli and we have a chance for introspection, which a lot of people fear. It brings about the big questions of the future, your relationship with God, failures, regrets, responsibilities, shortcomings and so on. Unfortunately most people tend to blast their mind into digital fragments through the use of technology and media, like the television, iPods, cell phones, texting, Facebook, Twitter etc. My song ends with a challenge: take off your headphones, and don't start anything else until you have confronted yourself. At this point the song rolls off into crickets and a binaural beat fading to nothing.}
Track Name: A Dim Recollection...
I remember a boy
Ventured far from here
Out of glass and into reflections
Shadows and dim recollections

Monsters in synapses
Bridges that collapse
Doors that open an shut
Without his hand to touch them

Looking back through dusty mirror
Saw the life I always feared
No winning and no losing.
Only striving and fighting.
The basic elements of surviving

And incandescents light the way
To eternal tunnels that are giving way
To see it or to ignore it
To divide and never explore it
A reaching hand off a cliff
A meaningless stroked guitar riff
A pulsing sound from the underground
A gravity to pull you down

And a light above to cause to look up
An overflowing closed cup
A confusing circumstance of beauty and redemption
The unexplored fields within this retention

A way out or a way in?
Soft is coming, let me in.
A way out or a way in?
Soft is coming, let me in.

{About: The lyrics were written in a somewhat stream-of-consciousness style, but I think they still retain strong meaning, and certainly emotion and feeling.)
Track Name: Appalachian Airplane
{about: This song was created in about 3 hours on an airplane ride to and from Florida during my spring break. I had the melody from this piece (Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland) stuck in my head, and figured, why not give a great melody some great beats? I also interspersed samples of sounds I recorded inside the cabin of the airplane, including the crew :D}